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   What's Your Number?
Your name & birth date
Have numbers that can
Help with job plans,
And personality ideas-

You can do your own name readings-
Find numbers in a name & birth date 
You can do it for you & your friends!

The oldest live 'numerology-dot' website,
with a live blog & phone # (since 4/3/2001)
Each word is added one by one, with NO downloads--includes all the numerology-
From the Kabbalah of 3700 BCE

From the I Ching of 2800 BCE

From Pythagorean ideas of 550 BCE

From the tarot symbols of 604 CE

From the Rune symbols of 1000 CE

Double-numbers like 11, 22 and 33 can be
special numbers for creativity ideas...they also contain 10 senses for special work abilities for a psychic, pilot, writer, ......
More about Special Senses >> Page 3
What Name Brands Add
Up To Double-Numbers?
Wonder Bread (55)
Maxwell House Coffee (11)
General Electric (11)
Campbell's Soup (11)

The birth date is called your life path
number, and it may show you that not
everybody is really an 'adult' at age 18.

You can find your life-path number.
Find out how to add up your own
Life-path number, in 60 seconds!

(then look in the lower left column)

<--------  How can numerology help your career? Your name and birth date may reveal new job ideas and career choices.
But if you really want a satisfying job, &you want to follow your heart's desire,

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How can a name be a number?
     A =1,B =2, each letter adds up!

  Name analysis is logical- this is
  Not a horoscope or forecast
  This site features numerology
  For fun and entertainment 

What Can You Learn With
     The Book On Numerology?

       HEART # (new jobs, love life)
           MIND # (styles, clothing, etc.)
           BODY # (jobs, personality, diet)
           SOUL # (solve dream problems)

           LIFE-PATH # (date of birth)

           STRONG # (for motivation)

     HELP # (what # is missing)

MATURE # (for after age 50)




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