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What Is
NUMEROLOGY is a study of letters, numbers, and matching vibrations. It is not magic. It is logic. Its roots are in one of the first books that use letters and numbers, the Torah. Kabbalah is the first source of numerology. Numerology can include vibrations of  I-ching, tarot & runes, due to interpretations. But this site has 'My Kabbalah Reading' for info and entertainment only.
This website also features Gematria and Numerologia in 9 languages, as a Kabbalah-Numerology medium.


The Numbers of Famous Personalities:

Are Numbers Also Good For Business?

NUMEROLOGY 100     (excepts from the book on Numerology )
(copyright, published on 5/15/15)

Welcome to the world of numerology.
Here is a secret for you: unlike astrology,
numerology is based on logic. Your name
adds up to a number or vibration. Words
that match your number or vibration may
help your job, personality traits, career,
and maybe your love life!

From the beginning of creation, stars
and planets represent signs of astrology
and astronomy, while symbols of letters
& numbers have a place in numerology,
the study of meanings of the letters and
numbers. (Genesis 1:14, 11:1).......
for more, the book is now available!

How is Numerology.Name

Note: this website is for entertainment only.Name analysis provides job ideas and some personality traits that have the same number as the number of your name at birth and birth date. This focus on the name meanings can be found in Kabbalah, which can also be called the Gematria or Hebrew numerology.

The word 'Spiritual-Numerology' adds up to 99, and it includes all the numbers from 1 to 99 (for 100 and above, add the 3 digits together for your total.) It is similar to the 'Basic-Kabbalah', which also adds up to 99, and it is more real than some websites which try to predict things with numbers (the word 'real' also adds up to 9 or 99).

Numerology should help you NOW, and not
try to predict the future, and here is why:
Numerology reveals that any alphabet can be translated into numbers, and that the words (names), job ideas (nouns) and different
personality traits (adjectives) can match
the same numbers.

'Astrology' is the same vibration as 'future
forecast', 'tarot reading', and 'runes session'.
'Kabbalah' or 'Numerology' does not add up to any of those words, so this should not predict the future. It helps you deal with the past-and-present, to help you NOW!


A discovery some numerologists don't know
or won't tell you is that the numbers 1 to 9
and 11 to 99 represent 10 senses and 10 E.S.P. Senses, which some of us possess:

1 = feel (touches)
2 = balance (also comprehend)
3 = breathing (aroma)
4 = pressure
5 = hear (also coordinate)
6 = motions
7 = temperature (hot/cold)
8 = visions (look)
9 = tasting and the ESP SENSE of deja-vu
11 = ESP sense of a psychic, to ''see'' or ''focus-ahead'' to see you in the present, like a director
22 = pain, hurt (touch) AND the ESP sense ''to sense angels'' in or around a room
33 = ''ESP sense of ''6th-sense'' or ''sensing
something'' in advance
44 = ESP sense of ''directions'',''navigator'' or''a human compass'', like a pilot
55= ESP  of documentation , numerology or ''predictable'', like Nostradamus
66 = ESP sense of ''reconstructive'' ability,as a doctor, or coordinating, or transformation
77 = ESP sense of interpretations, language, ''interpret-dreams", or a literary genius
88 = ESP sense of ''coordinating-angels'', a feeling that angels are working with you
99 = ESP sense of ''comprehending-angels''  (rare, ex. = Sylvia Browne, Dionne Warwick)

Numbers of Some Famous Personalities

Richard Wagstaff Clark = 9 = (Dick Clark)
dance, worker for the public, tv-shows

Whitney Elizabeth Houston = 7 =
serious, religious, secret

Thomas Jones Woodward = 8 =
musician (Tom Jones)

Edward Regan Murphy = 3 =
happy, friendly speaker and listener

Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor III
= 200 = special, comedy, movies

Francis Ford Coppola = 11 =
special, director, movies
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This website is copyright 2001 by C.M. We publish links to live blogs as a public service to help the world. Because Kabbalah and Numerology are open to interpretation, we're not associated with other Numerology or Kabbalah websites, videos or blogs.
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10- The Helping Wheel Of Fortune

11- The Calm, Open Arms

12- The Team-Coach Or Visual-Salesman

13- The Auto-Body

14- The Team-Member

15- The Self-Charisma

16- The War-Fighter

17- The Real-Wise-Mens'-Eyes

18- The Progress-Worker

19- The Bright-Sun

20- The Real-Judge

21- The Major-Actor Or Classic-Angel

22- The Developed-Architect

23- The Earthy-Lion Or Power-King

24- The Natural-Survivor

25- The Busy-Detective

26- The Ready-Administrator

27- The Persuasive-Leader

28- The Rehabilitating-Lamb

29- The Supporting-Seashore

30- The Yoga-Leader Or Flexible-Realist

31- The Learned-Apprentice

32- The Learning-Freemason

33- The Peaceful-Worker

34- The News-Leader

35- The Real-Editor

36- The True-Sunset

37- The Perfect-Worker

38- The Creative-Transistor

39- The Determined-Hurdler

40- The Real-Proofreader

41- The True-Challenger

42- The Balanced-Justice

43- The Working-Defender

44- The Diligent-Therapist

45- The Confident-Politician

46- The Talent-Producer

47- The Active-Rejuvenator

48- The Happy-Water-Cooler

49- The Prepared-Innovator

50- The Fearless-Kettle

51- The Historical-Worker

52- The Good-Author

53- The Analytical-Worker

54- The Organized-Moderator

55- The Intelligent-Researcher

56- The Honest-Traveler

57- The Dependable-Advisor

58- The Progress-Thinker

59- The Professional-Worker

60- The Worthwhile-Performer

61- The Active-Soldier

62- The Stable-Team-Worker

63- The Love-Care-Worker

64- The Step-Escalator

65- The Basic-Visitor

66- The Progressing-Transformer

67- The Steady-Practitioner

68- The Motivating-Attorney

69- The Understanding-Diplomat

70- The Classic-Librarian

71- The Goal-Supervisor

72- The True-Provider

73- The Dedicated-Caretaker

74- The Thinking-Renovator

75- The Changes-Adjustor

76- The Adaptable-Commander

77- The Spiritual-Person

78- The Individual-Worker

79- The Specific-Reporter

80- The Real-Businessperson

81- The Ambitious-Contender

82- The Championship-Ram

83- The Faithful-Partner

84- The Cups-Of-Water

85- The Real-Thinker

86- The Joyful-Executive

87- The Decision-Worker

88- The Specialized-Person

89- The Contributing-Worker

90- The Appropriate-Leader

91- The Leading-Humanitarian

92- The Still-Ocean

93- The Genuine-Leap-Of-Faith

94- The Enthusiastic-Instructor

95- The Good-Worker

96- The Brainstorming-Philosopher

97- The Positive-Worker

98- The Principal-Worker

99- The Fulfilling-Designer
  Kabbalah Messages-

"It is better to give, and then
you'll receive''

''Love your neighbor and

''Our world is the spiritual
center of the universe''

''Put those in need before

''Let's give peace a chance''

"Do something good to help
the World, and you'll help
your Self in the process"

Which Kabbalah-Numerology Numbers
May Be Good For Your Business Addresses?

(Add all numbers in the address)
ex.= 505 1 St. = 5 + 0 + 5 + 1 = 11

1 = spirited, bank, workers, $

2 = sales, retail, loyal, balance

3 = friendly, management, owner

4 = repair, trainer, computer

5 = good, manager, hotel, store, 

6 = active, customer-service, people

7 = serious, leadership, factory,

8 = success, goal, businessperson,

9 = business, job, money, worker,

11 = creative, energy, retail, sales